Types of Online Poker Players

There may be differences between online Poker and Poker in land based casinos, but there are also some similarities. The most important being that player analysis is very important. The more you play the game, the more essential that you get to know the numerous player types on the Net.

First are those online Poker types who like to show off how aggressive they are, and the primary way they do it is by refusing to be bluffed out. These individuals are not usually very skilled, and try to compensate for this by trying to be aggressive, bullying their way to the pot.

The way to handle these online Poker players is to simply let them raise with whatever hand they have. Be content with calling, as they will raise with their own money, and make the pot bigger for you. When you get the nuts, make them pay.

The most common ones that you will find, however, are the inexperienced ones. The fact that online Poker is becoming very popular means that more and more people are joining, and these are the ones you can prey on. Their inexperience will tell on them.

You do not have to try anything fancy; just play your usual game, and they will make mistakes with their bets and their draws, because they will misjudge the hands that they are holding.

Then there are the weak players. Composed of very passive and timid types, these online Poker players are best played in an aggressive mode. Whenever you have a decent hand, bet, raise and re raise. They will fold quickly.

As you move to the higher Poker stakes, you will come across the tougher players. Known for their tight aggressive style, these individuals will require that you diversify; make room in your strategies for implied odds, value betting, semi bluffing, check-call, check-raise etc.

It is essential that against these online Poker players you change your strategy and approach so as not to get read. Of course, it goes without saying that when you are up against these types, the less time that you spend chatting the better, as that can easily give away tells. Play only the select hands against these individuals.

These players are the hardest to play, but most of the time you will come across are the weak ones. Learn to play them well, and stick to the basic principles, and you will make a lot of money quickly in online Poker.

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Types of Online Poker Players
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