Texas Hold 'Em Bonus: Poker Against the Dealer

When is a poker game played like blackjack?

When the match is one-on-one beating game between dealer and player: when a player is gambling Texas Hold 'em bonus poker.

Texas Hold'em bonus poker is played like any Hold 'em game: there's the Flop, the Turn, the River, the community and hole cards.

Texas Hold 'em bonus poker is not like any Hold 'em game: there are no blind bets, under the gun, and no other players to deal with. This is a match between you and the dealer.

You begin by placing an ante. Let's say, you ante $10. You may also place an amount for bonus jackpot. Bonus jackpot is an optional wager. It pays off if you have hole cards that the house would consider bonus-winning hole cards. Usually, casinos give bonus jackpots to pair cards, or Ace plus any face card.

After players have anted, each receives two hole cards from the dealer, meaning these cards are placed before each player face down.

If the player wishes to play one's cards, the player has to bet. The amount to bet is double the ante. In this case, you bet $20.

If you do not wish to play your card, you fold. The dealer keeps your ante.

After every player has either folded or made their bets, the dealer proceeds as one would in a Texas hold 'em game: by dealing the first three community or shared cards referred to as the Flop.

Community cards have, as the term implies, communal function. This means that they can be used by every player in making their winning hand.

The players choose to stay or drop out of the Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker game. To stay, one wagers an amount of equal value as your ante. In this case, you bet $10. You may also check, which means you stay in the game even if you don't place a bet.

The dealer then places the next community card, the Turn. After which, the players fold, check, or bets an amount that is, too, of the same value as the ante.

This is followed by the dealing of the last community card, the River. After which, there is a showdown of hands.

Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker is less strict than Texas Hold 'em in its rule regarding hole cards-community cards combination. You may use two hole cards and three community cards to create your winning hand, or you may use one hole card and four community card, or you may use all community cards and disregard your hole cards.

In whatever case, your hand must be of higher poker hand rank value than the dealer's. Otherwise, you lose all your bets, including your ante, to the dealer.

If you have the higher poker hand rank value, the house gives you a hundred percent payoff for all your bets.

A recent game innovation mushrooming now in many casinos, Texas Hold 'em Poker combines the rules of Texas Hold'em with the match principles of poker. Instead of playing against other players, you are in a one-on-one match against the dealer, and if you win, you get 1:1 payoff for all your bets.

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