Greenstein also has a good mathematical head and he almost made a degree at the subject but passed it for his business. He claims that his winning has nothing to do with his mathematical skills.

"it can't harm when you don't have any fear, successes in the big poker games is more connected to psychology than it is to mathematics", says Greenstein.

Greenstein proves that casino games are not so shallow and there are some things that more important than just earning money. He's playing the games, enjoying it, but the money is not going to his own pocket but to charity. The average gambler at home doesn't need to donate all the money to charity but he can see that games can be fun even without the money. If you want to try and see how fun it is to play without spending money you can experience in almost every online casino in the net some free casino games, most of the online casinos offers you to download their games to feel the environment and to practice the games before you'll put your money on it. So join the adventure and start playing, no matter if your favorite casino game is a simple game like slot machines or more complicated one like baccarat , you can try them all without the fear of losing any money.

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Types of Online Poker Players
05/14/2008 03:00 PM

As you play online Poker you will eventually come across different types of players, with vastly different sets of skills. In order to play and get the most out of your online Poker playing experience, it is vital that you learn the qualities and characteristics of those players.

Basic Rules of Video Poker
03/18/2008 02:00 PM

Video Poker both requires skill and luck. The absence of one can never make for a win. Skill is developed by understanding all the works -- how the game is played, how a win is made, and what strategies to be used -- while luck can simply be either at the player's side or not.

Get Set for Poker Online
08/03/2007 03:00 PM

For novice poker players who find brick and mortar game rooms too harsh, they may opt for an online poker room. It should be reliable and high quality.

Texas Hold 'Em Bonus
03/24/2008 02:00 PM

In Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker, a player must beat the house or the dealer. If a player's hand is higher than the dealer's, the player wins in Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker. Learn more how betting and playing proceeds in Texas Hold 'em Bonus Poker.