Enjoy, Relax and Have Fun While Playing Chicago Poker

An interesting, attractive and interactive kind of poker, seven card stud features different exciting variations. Some of the variations of seven card stud poker are available at casinos while others are most of the time played as home games. One of the most famous variations of seven card stud poker that many gamblers like to play is Chicago poker.

Gamblers can enjoy, relax and have fun while they play Chicago poker. The format and rules in Chicago poker are basically the same with seven card stud. One of the main differences of the two games is that there are two winners in Chicago poker. Aside from the player with the most dominant hand, the player with the highest value of spades gets half of the amount of the pot.

Basic Rules in Chicago Poker

Excelling in Chicago poker is not difficult. All players need to know to beat other players in this game is to have ample background on its basic rules and strategies. Since Chicago poker has similarities with seven card stud, learning its rules will not take most of the time of players.

The first betting round comes after players receive three cards each. Two of these cards are face down while the other one is face up. Right after the initial betting round, players who stay in the game receives another faced up card and then another betting round occurs. Such format continues until the seventh street or until the dealer deals the final faced down card of each player. As soon as the dealer deals the final card of players, last betting round occurs.

Determining the Winners in Chicago Poker

Right after the final betting round, players reveal all their cards to determine who are the winners in the game. The player with the strongest hand wins half the pot while the other half of the pot goes to the player with the highest of value of spades. If for instance, none of the players has spades, then the player with the most dominant hand gets the whole pot.

Chicago poker is very exciting to play and it offers more chances of winning to players. To improve players' odds in Chicago poker, they need to learn some of the basic poker strategies like card reading since it will help them predict the value of the hole cards of their opponents. Above all, it is best that they have ample knowledge on the game's rules before they play it in casinos to avoid getting complaints from other players.

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