Basic Rules of Video Poker

Video Poker is essentially a game of skill. To thrive in this game, whether you are playing it on a land based or online casino, you must understand the rules fully. Your knowledge of the game, your ability in devising a strategy, your willingness to gamble, and your expertise in decision-making may very well shoo in your being a winner, and a couple of dollars richer.

A Video Poker game starts when you deposit credits to your account. After the required cash deposit, you must push the Deal button. That is how you will be served with five random cards. You can either settle with your current hand or choose to improve it by keeping or discarding some of your cards. Your hope is for the next random set to give you more advantageous results. The Video Poker machine should never be a threat on your chances of winning. Unlike human opponents in a regular Poker game, the machine does not have an aim to bring you down. It is only designed to carry over the game. The Video Poker machines in land based casinos are regulated to conform to the established rules to ensure absolute fairness, which is also the same way with the game software used on the Internet version.

A win in Video Poker is determined through the rankings assigned to each of the cards in a standard 52 deck. The usual value designation is that 2 to Ace are ranked from lowest to highest. In some cases, an Ace can be ranked at number 1 if the situation calls for it. Also, wild cards are released from time to time. They are valued in any way with the objective of improving a hand.

There are a couple of winning hands in a specific game of Video Poker. The players' role is to determine the hand with the best payout according to the payoff grid and hope that they come across with it to earn the jackpot. If not, players can stick with their current hand and enjoy whatever value it adds to their credits.

After a winning hand, players are given the option to either Cash Out and collect all their deposits combined with their winnings or roll again for another round where higher stakes are on offer. Progressive jackpots are so attractive that upon winning a hand, players are most likely to come back for another round and so on and so forth. However, risk accompanies this kind of decision. By rolling over for another game, you are risking both your remaining deposits and your winnings at hand. That is because no one can ever be sure that the succeeding cards dealt would be favorable to the player. But that is part and parcel of the game. If risk is not involved, excitement will not at all be present in Video Poker.

To succeed in cashing out on Video Poker, therefore, players must have a good head over their shoulders. There is a time to risk and a time to be safe. If you feel, in any part of the game, that your money is not worth risking, withdraw it. You can always come back another day when the tide is amicable.

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Basic Rules of Video Poker
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