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What would you do if you had a real talent in poker and won huge sums of money in poker games at the best casinos around? Most of the people will keep the money and buy everything they ever dreamt about, but one poker player is doing something else.

Barry Greenstein donates the money from his winnings to charity almost all the time, in 2004 he won more 1.7 million dollars at Texas Holdem poker games. He retired from work at the age of 36 after he made a fortune in software development and started to make a living from the poker games, he kept playing in the big poker tournaments with the big money in order to continue donating to charity.

The organizations Greenstein donates too receives much more donations since Greenstein donated them, and he himself saying he is donating the money in order to give his children a lesson – although they have all the money they want, there are many children and people in the world without any money. The family even adopted two children which they send money each month.

Greenstein also said the donations also gives him a good excuse for being far from home all the time, he says that his children can now say their father trying to do good things instead saying he is just playing in casinos at Las Vegas.

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Video Poker both requires skill and luck. The absence of one can never make for a win. Skill is developed by understanding all the works -- how the game is played, how a win is made, and what strategies to be used -- while luck can simply be either at the player's side or not.

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